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BBC News - Technology
BBC News - Technology
Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test
A legal case concerning the sale of video-streaming set-top boxes on which subscription content can be accessed for free begins on Tuesday.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:04:52 GMT

Google pushes into India with free wi-fi
Google is expanding a free wi-fi network in India as part of a bid to target the "next billion" internet users.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 10:37:40 GMT

Major labels sue YouTube ripping site
The world's biggest record labels launch legal action against a website that allows users to download the audio from YouTube videos.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 09:13:27 GMT

Maps to help drivers find parking spaces
Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars fitted with on-board sensors are to share information in real-time about on-street parking spaces and road works via a digital map service.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:18:43 GMT

BBC iPlayer login will be required from 2017
All users of the BBC's iPlayer service will have to log in with personal accounts in order to use the service from early 2017.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 10:08:43 GMT

Dog microchips: Outdated contact details leave animals unclaimed
A total of 4,732 stray dogs cannot return to their owners because their microchips do not contain correct contact details, charity Dogs Trust finds.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:56:49 GMT

Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data
Nine in 10 people have no idea what companies do with the personal information the firms hold about them, says the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:05:15 GMT

Samsung delays restarting sales of its Galaxy Note 7 in S Korea
Samsung says it will delay restarting the sale of its Galaxy Note 7 phone in South Korea, to allow more time to recall the device over faulty batteries.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 01:22:10 GMT

UK 'has never been more addicted to smartphones'
One in three people check their phone in the middle of the night and admit their overuse is causing rows with partners, according to a report by Deloitte.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 10:10:41 GMT

Pippa Middleton iCloud hack claims investigated by police
Police investigate claims an iCloud account reportedly belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa Middleton has been hacked and private photographs stolen.
Published: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 10:00:10 GMT

Plane crew douse smoking Samsung phone
Cabin crew on an Indian passenger aircraft have used a fire extinguisher to tackle a smoking Samsung handset.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:34:03 GMT

Yahoo 'state' hackers stole data from 500 million users
Yahoo says 'state-sponsored' hackers stole information from about 500 million users in 2014 in what appears to be the largest publicly disclosed cyber-breach in history.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 07:14:45 GMT

Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?
Google has ambitious plans for using medical records and appears to also be bidding to create a truly digitised NHS.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 23:47:24 GMT

Facebook 'overestimated' video viewing time
Facebook has overestimated how much video people have watched for the last two years, the company has admitted.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 11:39:43 GMT

Amazon has been fined £65,000 for trying to fly dangerous goods
Online giant Amazon has been fined £65,000 after being found guilty of attempting to ship dangerous goods by air.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:54:16 GMT

Twitter shares soar almost 20% on takeover talk
Shares in Twitter jump more than 20% after a report that it has received takeover approaches, including from Google and
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 15:51:27 GMT

Cancer blogger Anna Swabey fundraising target met
The target of raising £100,000 created by a blogger Anna Swabey, who was killed by brain cancer, is met on the day of her funeral.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 17:42:18 GMT

Protect bank transfer scam victims, demands Which?
People who are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster deserve better protection, says consumer group Which?
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:35:57 GMT

TV energy efficiency ratings 'flawed'
Energy efficiency ratings on televisions are flawed and likely to mislead consumers, a US environment advocacy group has claimed.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 14:28:31 GMT

MI6 set to recruit 1,000 extra staff
Security service MI6 is to recruit nearly 1,000 extra staff by 2020, as it battles against the challenges of the internet age, BBC Newsnight learns.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 17:01:18 GMT

Cuba plans to install wi-fi on Havana's iconic Malecon seafront
Plans to install wi-fi along Havana's iconic Malecon seafront are announced by the Cuban government, making it the largest hotspot on the island.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 14:25:32 GMT

Massive web attack hits security blogger
One of the biggest web attacks ever seen has been aimed at a security blogger after he exposed hackers who carry out such attacks for cash.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:23:53 GMT

YouTube launches scheme to offer rewards to users who report videos
Website looks to users to report inappropriate content, but many people are critical of the new system.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:29:38 GMT

Zuckerberg and Chan aim to tackle all disease by 2100
Facebook's founder and his wife aim to cure, prevent or manage all diseases by the end of the century.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 19:32:40 GMT

Windows 10 software condemned by Which?
Microsoft is criticised by Which over its Windows 10 software and poor customer service.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 23:40:52 GMT

Lenovo's Signature laptops refuse to install Linux
Lenovo confirms that some of its laptops refuse to install Linux but says it has not deliberately blocked the software.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 15:45:49 GMT

Google weakens Allo chat app privacy promise
Google launches its new chat app with less privacy protection than previously promised.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 13:33:01 GMT

Government 'committed' to Alan Turing gay pardon law
Proposals to introduce new legislation which would pardon gay men convicted under historical gross indecency laws will be brought forward "in due course", the government says.
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:56:51 GMT

Malware-infected USB sticks posted to Australian homes
Australian police have warned the public not to use unmarked USB sticks found in their letterboxes.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 14:25:56 GMT

What the North Korean internet really looks like
North Korea notoriously restricts access to the internet for its own citizens, but the full list of its websites visible to the outside world have apparently been revealed for the first time.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:42:57 GMT

US Army builds 'ambidextrous' grenade
The US Army is working on a new hand grenade for the first time in 40 years.
Published: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 17:34:13 GMT

Mobile phone roaming charge abolition plan rewritten
Proposed time limits on cost-free roaming for travellers with mobile devices have been scrapped under new European Commission plans.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 12:32:08 GMT

Students warned of new 'phishing' scam
University freshers are warned of a new "phishing" scam where fraudsters offer victims an "educational grant".
Published: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 23:58:55 GMT

Samsung in Note 7 row in China after reports of devices catching fire
Chinese consumers accuse Samsung of ignoring them for not extending its recall of its Note 7 smartphones there, but Samsung says there is no need.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 06:23:59 GMT

Smartphone locks cracked by Israel's Cellebrite
An Israeli firm says it can scoop data off the latest password-locked iPhones and Android handsets, and shows the BBC how it is done.
Published: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 23:01:06 GMT

Is the party over for free wi-fi in cafes?
Many small cafes are rethinking free wi-fi in a bid to keep afloat - is the party about to be over for free wi-fi?
Published: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 22:48:50 GMT

How people use their phones in bed
Paul Lee from Deloitte explains how people use their phones at night
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:43:47 GMT

What if Yahoo hackers have my details?
The BBC's technology reporter Chris Foxx explains how you can stay safe following the Yahoo hack.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 18:00:27 GMT

Incredible machines fix simple problems
Meet Joseph Herscher - he's from New York and might just be the wackiest inventor ever! Take a look if you don't believe us...
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 06:44:55 GMT

EGX 2016: What's new at UK's biggest gaming event?
The UK's biggest gaming event - EGX 2016 - has kicked off in Birmingham. BBC reporter Steffan Powell tells us what to look out for...
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 07:45:22 GMT

Is anyone really drilling earphone jacks into their iPhone?
A prank YouTube "instructional" video on how to drill a headphone jack into the iPhone 7 racks up 10 million views, and may have ruined a few phones.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 09:34:59 GMT

China's Geely auto group backs Bloodhound
China?s Geely auto group has become the main sponsor behind the British Bloodhound supersonic car project, enabling an assault on the land speed record.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 10:11:12 GMT

The tech behind Kubo and the Two Strings
The technology behind the special effects of the new stop-motion movie Kubo and the Two Strings
Published: Fri, 09 Sep 2016 11:39:48 GMT

AI creates movie trailer and other tech news
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the best of the week's technology news.
Published: Fri, 02 Sep 2016 09:27:05 GMT

How tech is helping a casino catch the cheats
Dan Simmons finds out how one casino uses its own technology to catch cheats
Published: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 09:55:45 GMT

Exoskeleton gloves allow you to feel in VR and other news
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best of the week's technology news.
Published: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 07:12:29 GMT

'People are dying'
The lucrative counterfeit drugs trade causes hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Technology can help fight it, but are big pharma and governments doing enough?
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:04:42 GMT

Saving Eurovision
A profile of technology boss Matthew Prince, whose company Cloudflare protects four million websites, including those of banks, the Eurovision Song Contest, and many in the adult entertainment industry.
Published: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 22:49:58 GMT

All my own work
Gaming is about more than just blockbuster releases, and at the UK?s biggest gaming show some of the country?s independent developers tell us why their role in the industry is so important.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 04:37:38 GMT

Get off my land!
Up to a billion people in Africa derive their main income from farming, but many get embroiled in disputes over whether they really own their land. Can tech help?
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 23:03:44 GMT

Saved by the internet
Hundreds of Malaysians have banded together to help an elderly cancer-stricken soft toy seller, whose story went viral on Facebook.
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 02:05:04 GMT

Zuckerberg v disease
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife want to tackle all diseases by the end if the century. Just how feasible is this aim?
Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 14:57:03 GMT

Saving honey bees
A look at the tech firms helping to save and protect the honey bee, as numbers of the vital pollinators continue to fall sharply around the world.
Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 23:06:42 GMT

Testing for Ebola
Early diagnosis of disease is literally a matter of life and death, so the race is on to produce cheaper, faster, lighter kits to help doctors and nurses in the field.
Published: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 23:04:33 GMT

GoPro Karma drone: Hands on with the foldable quadcopter
The BBC's Dave Lee tries out GoPro's first drone and its new voice-controlled action camera.
Published: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 09:38:58 GMT

Connected tech: Smart home robots and sake fridges
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the latest internet of things technology.
Published: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 07:13:44 GMT

PS4 Pro is 'future-proof' PlayStation
Sony's Jim Ryan tells the BBC the PS4 Pro is designed to future-proof the PlayStation.
Published: Thu, 08 Sep 2016 01:42:19 GMT

Hands-on with new iPhone 7 and Airpods
Dave Lee takes a first look at the new iPhones and wireless Airpod earphones at Apple's launch event in San Francisco.
Published: Wed, 07 Sep 2016 20:55:25 GMT - RSS Channel - Tech delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.
Samsung recalls all Galaxy Note 7 phones

Published: Fri, 02 Sep 2016 22:50:35 GMT

Astronauts would have survived, Musk says
SpaceX's Dragon space capsule has eight escape rockets built into its walls designed to lift astronauts out of harm's way if the Falcon rocket below it is destroyed.
Published: Fri, 02 Sep 2016 20:23:21 GMT

New iPhone coming Wednesday?

Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 17:21:56 GMT

Instagram makes it easier to stalk users
It's time to brush up on your photo editing skills. Instagram is rolling out a feature that will let people get a closer, more intimate look at your pictures.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 20:14:35 GMT

Tesla: Autopilot improvements coming
Tesla will roll out "major improvements" to its so-called Autopilot software with new versions of the software that will soon be downloaded to owners' Model S and Model X electric vehicles, CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday on Twitter.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 17:23:14 GMT

Why more people are dying on US roads
U.S. roads have taken a deadlier turn to a degree we haven't seen in nearly five decades. For years, statistics surrounding road safety had seen a vast improvement. But now that's changed.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:56:30 GMT

Global banking system is still under attack
SWIFT, the messaging network that connects the world's banks, says it has identified new hacks targeting its members.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:15:51 GMT

Mark Zuckerberg misses his coding days
While the 32-year-old billionaire tech CEO was visiting Nigeria this week, he spoke publicly about how he applied his engineering mindset to help build Facebook (FB, Tech30), a company that's now worth north of $360 billion. But he also admitted giving up coding to manage his company was "a little sad".
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:53:55 GMT

Samsung unveils Gear S3 smartwatch
Samsung is toughening up its line of wearables with the new Gear S3. The company unveiled its latest smartwatch on Wednesday at IFA 2016, Europe's annual gadget convention.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:04:05 GMT

The streaming music war is getting ugly
Fans waited four years for Frank Ocean to put out a followup to his Grammy-winning album Channel Orange, but when he finally released it this month, some listeners were upset to learn it was only streaming on Apple Music.
Published: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 12:50:08 GMT

SpaceX to launch recycled rocket

Published: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:14:54 GMT

Uber snags Target exec Jeff Jones

Published: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:14:44 GMT

President Obama to guest-edit Wired

Published: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 15:15:39 GMT

Kim Dotcom will livestream court hearing on YouTube
Internet mogul Kim Dotcom, who's wanted in the U.S. on criminal charges, has won permission for his court battle to be streamed online.
Published: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 06:14:48 GMT

Lost space probe found
Philae, the little space robot that has captured hearts around the world, was thought to be forever lost.
Published: Tue, 06 Sep 2016 12:16:51 GMT

Why is NASA chasing this asteroid?
NASA's OSIRIS-REx space probe will rendezvous with asteroid Bennu, take a sample and -- in a U.S. space first -- bring the sample back to Earth.
Published: Mon, 05 Sep 2016 20:49:04 GMT

New close-ups of Jupiter
Scientists have never explored Jupiter's north pole -- until now.
Published: Tue, 06 Sep 2016 11:43:50 GMT

Milky Way's dark twin discovered
Welcome to the dark side of the universe. In a direct contrast with the beautifully bright Milky Way galaxy, a "dark twin" called Dragonfly 44 has been discovered 300 million light-years away in the Coma constellation, according to a new study.
Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:54:41 GMT

Zuckerberg hopes to demo AI butler next month

Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:47:19 GMT

Chicago might have a solution to asthma

Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:01:56 GMT

Tech News Headlines - Yahoo News
Get the latest Tech news headlines from Yahoo News. Find breaking Tech news, including analysis and opinion on top Tech stories.
German regulator orders Facebook to delete WhatsApp user data
A German privacy regulator ordered Facebook on Tuesday to stop collecting and storing data of German users of its messaging app WhatsApp and to delete all data that has already been forwarded to it. The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said Facebook was infringing data protection law and had not obtained effective approval from WhatsApp's 35 million users in Germany. "After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook two years ago, both parties have publicly assured that data will not be shared between them," commissioner Johannes Caspar said in a statement.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:08:24 -0400

Twitter could take many forms, depending on new owner
With speculation mounting that Twitter Inc will soon have a new corporate owner, the 10-year-old social networking service - which has long struggled to define its core purpose -may end up heading in one of several distinctly different directions depending on who ends up paying for it. Companies including Inc , Walt Disney Co and Alphabet Inc's Google have shown interest in Twitter, which is working with investment banks to evaluate its options, according to people familiar with the matter. With, Twitter might turn its focus to customer service communications and mining its database of tweets for business intelligence.
Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 22:21:21 -0400

Microsoft and BAML team up on blockchain-based trade finance project
Microsoft and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have joined forces on a project to use blockchain technology to make trade finance transactions faster, cheaper, safer and more transparent, the companies said on Tuesday. The two multinationals said at the Sibos financial services conference in Geneva that they would build and test the technology and create a blockchain-based framework that could eventually be sold to other businesses. Blockchain works as an electronic record-keeping and transaction-processing system that allows all parties to track information through a secure network and requires no third-party verification.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:54:44 -0400

Samsung recovers over 60 percent of recalled Note 7s in South Korea, U.S.
Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday it has got back more than 60 percent of recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in South Korea and the United States, suggesting it is making progress in its attempts to recover from the crisis. In a statement, Samsung said it was focused on replacing all affected devices "as quickly and efficiently" as possible and reiterated its request that customers affected by the current recall should power off their device and turn them in. The world's top smartphone maker announced on Sept. 2 a global recall of at least 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones in 10 markets due to faulty batteries causing some phones to catch fire.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:49:46 -0400

UberEats to expand in eight more cities, many more planned
By Eric Auchard AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Uber [UBER.UL] is making a broad international push into takeaway meal deliveries, backed by a big staff recruitment and marketing campaign as it prepares to take on local rivals in dozens of countries. Showing its ambition to expand well beyond the core online taxi-hailing business, Uber announced on Tuesday the launch later this week of its UberEats meal delivery app service in Amsterdam, just as [IPO-TAAY.AS] , the local market leader in the Netherlands, is seeking a share listing. In addition, the company told reporters in Amsterdam that it will open the service in Brussels and Stockholm and a "few more" undisclosed cities before the end of the year.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:56:13 -0400

Google launches service to take internet to India malls, cafes
Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, said on Tuesday it launched Google Station in India, a service that aims to deepen its reach across the country, as the search giant seeks to bring more people on to its Google platform. Under the service, Google will roll-out Wi-Fi hot spots in places frequented by a large number of people, such as malls and transit stations, and in social hangout locations such as cafes and universities, the company said on Tuesday. "The goal is to give people many hot spots within a few minutes walk from their home, university, or workplace, unified by a simple login process that works across all of them," Caesar Sengupta, Vice-President, Next Billion Users at Google was quoted as saying in the statement.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:43:24 -0400

YouTube Go is the offline YouTube app you?ve been waiting for (and you still can?t have it)
Google's official YouTube apps for iOS and Android are always wildly popular, but people who pay attention to app store rankings regularly see third-party YouTube apps come and go on the top free app lists. The official YouTube apps are so well-designed and they pack all the great features Google wants YouTube users to have, so why are Android and iOS users so interested in third-party apps? Simply put, people want the ability to save videos for offline playback, and Google's official YouTube apps don't support this key feature. With a new app from Google called YouTube Go, Google has finally added this great capability. But there's just one teeny, tiny problem: You can't have it. DON'T MISS:  10 hidden gestures in iOS 10 to help you get the most out of your iPhone During a press conference in Delhi where the company unveiled several new products for the Indian market, Google took the wraps off of its new app YouTube Go. As you might have surmised, the app is aimed squarely at the mobile market in India, where Google is among a number of companies looking to take advantage of the emerging mobile market in the country. India is one of many countries where low- and no-income mobile users are constantly on the lookout for tools that will help them get the most of their smartphones while using the least amount of data possible. With that in mind, it's easy to see why Google would roll out its new YouTube Go app with offline video viewing capabilities in India first. "YouTube Go is a brand new app to help the next generation of users share and enjoy videos," YouTube VP Johanna Wright said. "YouTube Go was designed and built from the ground up with insights from India, in order to bring the power of video to mobile users in a way that is more conscious of their data and connectivity, while still being locally relevant and social." In addition to offline viewing capabilities, YouTube Go will support other data-friendly features such as video quality controls, previews and even a new sharing feature that will let users transfer videos directly from one phone to another without the need for a cellular data connection. Users in India can sign up to test YouTube Go at this link , though Google has not yet announced when the app will be released. Google CEO Sundar Pichai did suggest that the app will eventually make its way to markets outside of India, though he didn't give any sort of timeline.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:45:18 -0400

Dash Radio launches a filter that lets you toggle between clean and explicit music
To remedy that issue, Dash Radio has developed a new filter that will let you switch between explicit and clean music in real-time, the first of its kind. The new filter solves a pain point for parents with young kids (or rebellious teens with "lame parents") in the car that has existed for years. "It?s been a complaint we?ve gotten since day one," DJ Skee, the founder and CEO of Dash Radio told The Verge.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:45:10 -0400

Germany blocks WhatsApp data transfers to Facebook
German data protection authorities on Tuesday said they had blocked Facebook from collecting subscriber data from its subsidiary WhatsApp, citing privacy concerns. Facebook and WhatsApp promised in the wake of the Silicon Valley giant's 2014 acquisition of the messaging app that they would not share data, Hamburg's Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Johannes Caspar said in a statement. "It has to be (the users') decision whether they want to connect their account with Facebook," Caspar said.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:36:17 -0400

First Click: Night mode is the greatest
Not one of them has felt like it's overwhelmed or in any way spoiled the image of what I'm seeing ? night shift only warms up the hues, it doesn't detract from the screen's sharpness. More than 60 percent of defective Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in the United States and South Korea have now been returned and exchanged for new models, Samsung has claimed.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:30:09 -0400

Hate standing in line? Japan now has self-driving chairs
Tokyo (AFP) - Hate standing in line at your favourite restaurant? Japanese carmaker Nissan claims to have just the thing for those sore legs.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 07:04:28 -0400

German carmakers and technology firms form 5G telecoms association
German car makers Audi, BMW and Daimler on Tuesday launched an alliance with mobile telecoms network equipment firms Ericsson , Huawei [HWT.UL], Intel , Nokia and Qualcomm to accelerate development of the infrastructure needed for self-driving cars. The new alliance, branded the 5G Automotive Association, will "develop, test and promote communications solutions, support standardization and accelerate commercial availability and global market penetration," the founders said in a statement. One of the aims of 5G, the technology standards for the next generation of much faster and more reliable mobile telecoms networks, is to enable a wide variety of devices to connect up and operate via the Internet - the "Internet of Things." Network equipment providers such as Ericsson and Nokia have said the 5G technology currently in development could be available for use as early as next year but mass-market upgrades to mobile networks are not expected until some time around 2020.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:50:36 -0400

Germany orders Facebook to stop collecting data on WhatsApp users
Facebook has been ordered to stop collecting and storing data on WhatsApp users in Germany, marking the first regulatory challenge to a controversial data-sharing scheme that the social media company announced in August. In a statement published Tuesday, Germany's privacy watchdog said that sharing WhatsApp user data with Facebook, the messaging app's parent company, constitutes "an infringement of national data protection law." The regulatory body also ordered Facebook to delete all data that has already been transferred from WhatsApp. Facebook's data-sharing scheme has been closely monitored by privacy groups across Europe.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:43:38 -0400

Ultra-high definition the star of Photokina 2016
The new cameras and lenses presented at Photokina 2016 -- the biannual photography trade fair in Cologne, Germany -- showcased new technologies that once again push back the industry's limits, with 6k photos, 4k video, interchangeable viewfinders and 360-degree video. New products from camera-world heavyweights unveiled at Photokina 2016 include lenses from Leica and Canon's 5D Mark IV professional SLR and EOS M5 mirrorless camera, none of which proved particularly groundbreaking. The show's real sensations came from Panasonic -- whose GH5 films 4K video at 60 frames per second and takes photos in 6K mode, setting a new record -- and from Olympus, with its OM-D EM1 Mark II, shooting 60 photos per second in burst mode.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:39:58 -0400

Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond Yahoo
As investors and investigators weigh the damage of Yahoo's massive breach to the internet icon, information security experts worry that the record-breaking haul of password data could be used to open locks ...
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:32:13 -0400

Germany orders end to Facebook/WhatsApp data sharing project
German data protection authorities have ordered Facebook to delete data, such as phone numbers, it has received from its subsidiary WhatsApp. Facebook acquired the global messaging service two years ago ...
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:32:00 -0400

A Japanese song about pens and fruit is winning the internet
Get familiar with the letters "PPAP" -- you'll probably see them a lot in the weeks ahead.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:20:14 -0400

Sundar Pichai explains why Google is focusing hard on India
Today is a big day for Google for two reasons. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, it just held a massive event in India where it unveiled a bunch of new products relevant to the country including YouTube Go, new versions of Chrome and the Play store, the Google Station public Wi-Fi initiative, Google Assistant in Hindi, and more. India is obviously a major opportunity for Google.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:00:12 -0400

MLB?s app now delivers video highlights straight to your lock screen
You might not have noticed, though, that some apps can even send you images and video this way, including MLB's At Bat. An update for the app released yesterday allows users to watch baseball highlights straight from the lock screen. Just 3D Touch a notification and the video will be accessible, although you do have to unlock the phone first.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:46:06 -0400

German minister sets March deadline for fight against online hate
(This version of the September 26th story has been refiled to add dropped word "social" in paragraph 11) BERLIN (Reuters) - Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday the German government could take legal action against Facebook and other social media groups if they do not intensify their fight against illegal hate speech or Islamist "terror phantasies". Maas said Facebook, Twitter and Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, were removing illegal content from the Internet more frequently and quickly, but more work was needed.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:19:36 -0400

Happy Birthday Google: the search engine celebrates 18 with a new doodle
You might have noticed a new birthday doodle from Google Tuesday as the internet search engine turns 18. Designed by Gerben Steenks, one of the team's illustrators -- better known as doodlers at Google HQ -- Tuesday'ss logo celebrates the company's coming of age with the Google "G" blowing up a balloon which lifts it off into the sky.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:15:14 -0400

Next gen Galaxy Note phones could use the S Pen as a speaker
A new patent shows a design that'd have audio emitted by the S Pen or its enclosure, removing the need for a speaker grille.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:08:06 -0400

McLaren's first electric car is for under-sixes only
British carmaker McLaren has been talking about developing a pure electric vehicle for a while now, but we didn't realize the company's plans were so far advanced. Yesterday, the carmaker unveiled the all-electric P1TM: a £375 ($486) kid's car that boasts a top speed of 3mph and is "the most compact car yet to wear the McLaren badge." Now we can see where those rumors about Apple wanting to buy McLaren came from ? this is some pretty impressive tech.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 04:59:59 -0400

Drake's Views is the first album to hit 1 billion streams on Apple Music
Drake's Views has become the first album to clock up 1 billion streams on Apple Music. This milestone is obviously good news for both Drake and Apple, with the latter originally negotiating Views as a five-day exclusive on Apple Music from April 29th. Drake has been happy to help out, and, apparently in celebration of the Views streams, has released a 23-minute short film accompanying the album on Apple Music.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 04:11:42 -0400

Samsung says only 60 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones have been replaced in US and Korea
More than 60 percent of defective Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in the United States and South Korea have now been returned and exchanged for new models, Samsung has claimed. In other words, 40 percent of the dangerous devices are still in consumer hands, almost four weeks after Samsung issued a global recall on the Note 7. The new figures appear to show a slowdown in the number of successful exchanges in the United States.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 04:05:19 -0400

Porsche shows off its courage with new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid
Porsche is in London today with a sneak peek of its latest luxury saloon sports car, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, which is set for its full debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Panamera line is, along with the Cayenne, often derided by purist Porsche fans for being too large and conscious of too many everyday practicalities to remain faithful to the German marque?s sports car pedigree.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:56:36 -0400

Apple is reportedly working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch
During the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, the iPhone-maker presented the wearable as primarily a fitness device. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a number of new apps for its wearable, including one tracking users' sleep and another interpreting their general fitness based on heartbeat data. Both of these functionalities could be implemented on current Apple Watch hardware (which can already track wearers' motion and heart rate, but doesn't interpret this information).
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:30:30 -0400

The fastest a human can go is now 89.59 mph
Just so long as they're riding AeroVelo's weird-looking, record-breaking Eta bike.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:07:46 -0400

YouTube Go is a new app for offline viewing and sharing
Google has announced YouTube Go, a new app designed to broaden the accessibility of the behemoth video-sharing service. Designed and developed with Indian users in mind, who will be able to test the app first before a broader rollout, YouTube Go is intended to work more effectively in areas where connectivity is more limited. YouTube Go allows users to save videos for offline viewing, giving options over quality and file size so it's clear how much data a download will use.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:01:16 -0400

OnePlus and O2 agree on exclusive partnership in the UK
Other than Apple and Samsung, no phone maker has stirred as much attention and excitement as the young OnePlus. Established as an offshoot of Oppo at the end of 2013, OnePlus began life as a direct-to-consumer online retailer with the immodest product tagline of "flagship killer" for its initial OnePlus One and 2 devices. Now a little wiser and older, the company has reined in its marketing and it?s starting to diversify its mode of distribution, announcing today an exclusive partnership with O2 in the UK.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:00:03 -0400

Google Assistant is learning a second language with upcoming Hindi support
Google Assistant, the company's voice-controlled AI tool, got its first public release to the English-speaking world last week inside the new messaging app Allo. Today Google is announcing the second language it'll work with: Hindi, the fourth most-spoken first language in the world and one of India's official languages. Google's other new communications effort, the video-calling app Duo, has seen "amazing uptake" in India, according to VP for the next billion users Caesar Sengupta, who tells The Verge that it's well-optimized for the country's 2G and 3G networks.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:42:29 -0400

Google Station is a new platform that aims to make public Wi-Fi better
Google has announced a new public Wi-Fi initiative called Google Station, promising "fast Wi-Fi for everyone." The platform is an extension of work done in India providing Wi-Fi to millions of users at train stations in partnership with RailTel and Indian Railways, and Google wants to make similar arrangements around the world. Google Station sees the company attempt to expand those partnerships to just about anywhere you can think of ? cafes, malls, phone carriers, and so on will be able to work with Google to set up high-quality, secure, easily accessible Wi-Fi with minimal trouble. Caesar Sengupta, VP for Google?s next billion users, tells The Verge that about 15,000 people in India get online for the first time every day with the company?s railway Wi-Fi hotspots.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:27:01 -0400

Robotic tumbleweeds will explore the galaxy for us
Because what would a frontier be like without 'em?
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:25:24 -0400

Chrome for Android will let you download entire web pages and use less data for video
Google is making a lot of India-focused announcements today, many of them centered around improving services' functionality in areas where data connectivity is poor. Chrome and Google Play are getting some new features designed to solve that problem, and they're likely to be just as useful to many users in countries like the US. Chrome's Data Saver mode will soon be able to compress video, meaning that MP4 files will use up to 67 percent less data.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:23:31 -0400

Mary J. Blige will interview Hillary Clinton in potentially awkward Apple Music show
Hillary Clinton will appear alongside singer Mary J. Blige on a new show for Apple Music, the streaming service announced tonight. The show is called The 411 ? presumably a reference to Blige's debut album "What's the 411?" ? and promises to show both Blige and Clinton "as you've never seen them before" when it arrives on September 30th. Apple Music announced the show on Twitter with a bizarre clip that features Blige singing directly at the Democratic presidential candidate.
Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:10:22 -0400 Tech and gadgets is a leader in breaking news and original journalism.
'Like' it or not: 10 things Facebook changed in 10 years
Ten years ago Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg launched ?The Facebook? from his Harvard dorm. Since then, the site has gone on to redefine our lives online.
Published: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 15:10:58 GMT

Senate grills Target CFO on data breach
Target CFO John Mulligan faced a Senate judiciary committee on Tuesday to answer tough questions about last year's massive breach that involved 40 million credit cards.
Published: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 17:04:13 GMT

Democratic lawmakers want to bring Net neutrality back to life
Democrats in Congress have introduced a bill that would restore Net neutrality regulations, less than a month after a court decision struck them down. "It basically says, 'Remember the court decision from a couple of weeks ago?
Published: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 21:33:05 GMT

Some developers balk as Apple cracks down on apps that track user info
Apple is cracking down on apps that collect certain information about its users. While that might make privacy advocates happy, developers are less than thrilled.
Published: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 22:58:36 GMT

FBI: Give us your malware, your worms
The FBI has put out a request for experts in the cybersecurity industry to send in all the malware they can. In a solicitation published this week on, the intelligence agency asks for "a rollup of sharable malware" for research purposes ? or so they say.
Published: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 00:11:05 GMT

Sexting stats: Half of adults' phones contain intimate content
Smartphone users are scandalous! A new study shows more than half of adults have sent or received ... ahem , intimate content on their mobile devices.
Published: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 22:14:18 GMT

AT&T slashes prices for some family plans
AT&T is the latest to cut prices in the wireless carrier wars. This time around, AT&T focused on family plans. The lower prices include 10 gigabytes of data per month, plus unlimited voice and texting.
Published: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 14:53:21 GMT

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